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There are, of course, complications

The first, which is seen widely: is that of secondary questions. To
extend my previous example:

   <div class="faqset>
        <h3 class="question">
                Who's the most handsome member of this list?

        <p class="answer">Why, Andy Mabbett, of course!</p>

        <h3 class="question">
                Is he really?

        <p class="answer">Yes, really?</p>

The second pair can't be meaningfully extracted or aggregated, without
being tied to the first.

One solution might be:

        <h3 class="question">
                <abbr title="Is Andy Mabbett really the most handsome
                member of this list? >Is he really?</abbr

        <p class="answer">Yes, really?</p>

but perhaps others can suggest something more easily automated.

Next, there're unspecific questions:

as in (with possible alternatives):

        What is the purpose of this site?
        ("what is the purpose of ratemds.com")

        Who can rate?
        ("who can rate MDs on ratemds.com)

        What is your privacy policy?
        ("what is the privacy policy of ratemds.com")


Another complication is the non-questioning questions, like "sign me
up", the last item on:


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