[uf-discuss] A microformat for relationship availability and preference?

Alex Payne al3x at al3x.net
Tue Dec 19 14:50:20 PST 2006

Hi all.  It's my first post, and I'll just dive right in.

I'm interested in using microformats to represent an individual's  
relationship availability and preferences.  This is part of an  
experiment in pushing relationship-seeking to the *cough* edges of  
the network, if you will.

I'm hardly ready to propose a format, but at a minimum I see  
implementors providing their gender and their gender preference.   
Ideal location, age ranges, and other preferences would be optional.   
Given that this format is intended for those seeking a relationship  
I'm not sure if including their present relationship status is  
relevant; "looking" is implicit, else they should not be publishing  
this data.

Of course, extending an existing microformat may make more sense than  
establishing a new one.  hCard seems the most applicable of existing  
microformats, as XFN is intended to represent existing relationships  
and not potential relationships.  That said, I picture scenarios in  
which one would want to publish their relationship availability  
outside of the context of the kind of contact information hCard is  
meant for.

Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Alex Payne

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