[uf-discuss] A microformat for relationship availability and preference?

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 20:46:13 PST 2006

You could also use the absense of certain XFN values as a stopgap...
At least you know that the folks without sweatheart or spouse haven't
removed themselves from the pool!


On 12/19/06, Alex Payne <al3x at al3x.net> wrote:
> Hi all.  It's my first post, and I'll just dive right in.
> I'm interested in using microformats to represent an individual's
> relationship availability and preferences.  This is part of an
> experiment in pushing relationship-seeking to the *cough* edges of
> the network, if you will.
> I'm hardly ready to propose a format, but at a minimum I see
> implementors providing their gender and their gender preference.
> Ideal location, age ranges, and other preferences would be optional.
> Given that this format is intended for those seeking a relationship
> I'm not sure if including their present relationship status is
> relevant; "looking" is implicit, else they should not be publishing
> this data.
> Of course, extending an existing microformat may make more sense than
> establishing a new one.  hCard seems the most applicable of existing
> microformats, as XFN is intended to represent existing relationships
> and not potential relationships.  That said, I picture scenarios in
> which one would want to publish their relationship availability
> outside of the context of the kind of contact information hCard is
> meant for.
> Your thoughts are much appreciated.
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