[uf-discuss] SPAN, DIV and Rich Examples

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Fri Dec 22 09:08:40 PST 2006

In message <CFA226F2-C6DE-418C-A90B-70A1AFD2B82F at ben-ward.co.uk>, Ben
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>So I'd like to propose two things. First, we make a new page for each
>implementable microformat: *-rich-examples. On these pages we create
>and document sets of examples that show microformats integrated into
>all kinds of different HTML structures: Lists, images, paragraphs,
>sidebars, footers and so on.

That sounds like a good idea; but I wonder if we should not break it
down further, and have each example on a separate page, not on the wiki,
but elsewhere, so they can be "viewed" using any of the available

>Second, to ensure the mis-interpretation regarding SPAN and DIV is
>thoroughly stubbed out I'd like to have a STRONGly emphasised
>paragraph added to the header of each spec. Effectively a disclaimer
>  ‘As you read the microformat specifications and examples,
>  you'll find they  all use SPAN and DIV elements. This is for
>  clarity and to help keep the focus on the class names being
>  used. However, you should use the most semantic mark-up
>  appropriate. To see how flexible microformats can be, see
>  the Rich Examples page.’

Yes, do it (use a template to allow for easy updating, such as the
addition of the final sentence in your example, in future)

>Better wording of that paragraph would be appreciated!

        The examples on this page use span and div elements, for
        clarity, but any HTML element can be used (though abbr is the
        only one whose title is parsed).

Andy Mabbett

                        Merry Bloomin' Christmas!

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