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Chris Casciano chris at placenamehere.com
Fri Dec 29 06:04:47 PST 2006

On Dec 29, 2006, at 7:43 AM, B.K. DeLong wrote:

> Intriguing, yes....but it would be even more valuable if tied to a
> rating system of some sort. ie a user picks from a series of de facto
> rating standards which give a ranked value to whatever is labeled as
> NSFW perhaps then using CSS or Javascript to appropriately color
> links. something to think about as NSFW can be quite vague.

I had similar thoughts

I usually work from my own office so there basically isn't anything  
that isn't safe (unless I'm with a client, but then I'm usually not  
surfing)... so if I did install some sort of warning device based off  
of a simple NSFW flag the indicator would be more often then not a  
false positive... or being caught by some site that doesn't use the  
attribute [the goatse test].

But I guess ultimately I don't see much harm in it either. Lots of  
forums or other link based sites [e.g. FARK] routinely label items as  
NSFW - even though no one can ever agree the usage is correct - so  
who am I to say that there isn't an opportunity to codify +  
standardize that label. On purely technical merits I see it having a  
lot more going for it then some of the other formats that have been  

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