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Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Fri Dec 29 06:14:07 PST 2006

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<20061226145629.JQGJ16959.ibm57aec.bellsouth.net at mail.bellsouth.net>,
Derek Spalla <spalla at bellsouth.net> writes

>Here is my code snippet:

Does it validate? [1]

> <p class="last vcard">

Where is this "P" closed?

><div class="tel">

Do you intend to have that "div" inside the "P", or outside it?

If you must post code snippets instead of URLs, please format them to
make them easy for humans to read. Thank you.

[1] I have previously recommended that "Before asking for help with your
markup, please make sure that your HTML and CSS validate at [W3C URLs] "
be included in the mailing list policies:


Andy Mabbett

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