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Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sat Oct 21 04:21:36 PDT 2006

In message <AD07CE87-0FC2-4D75-AFCC-0B4DC26417AE at technorati.com>, Ryan
King <ryan at technorati.com> writes

>This is a just a friendly reminder for everyone to read our mailing
>list policies - http://microformats.org/mailinglists-policies/ . The
>reason for the reminder is that this list has grown, <em>a lot</em>
>and many of the policies are meant to help everyone deal with and
>minimize overload.

That's very useful, thank you.

Here're some suggested additions:

   *    Use a standard sig-separator of dash dash space return, where
        possible (or switch to a service or client which will allow you
        to use one; again where possible)

   *    Use standard quoting, with nested chevrons [as in this message].
        If your service or client doesn't facilitate this, use "Quote
        Right" <http://freestuff.grok.co.uk/quoteright/index.html>
        (free, for Windows) which will format text with chevrons for

   *    Use line length of no more than 80 characters (72 is the
        preferred maximum, to allow for the insertion of the aforesaid
        chevrons by people quoting you)

   *    As well as "Jeopardy-style quotations", use the term "top
        posting", with which more people will be familiar.

  *     Before asking for help wit your markup, please make sure that
        your HTML and CS validate at [W3C URLs]

The statement that:

        List messages may not be republished in any public forum without
        the explicit written permission of the original author(s) of the
        reposted message(s), or else the explicit written permission of
        the list administrators. This policy applies to automated
        gateways such as SMTP to NNTP gateways.

does not reflect the fact that there is an on-line archive of the list,
The archive's existence should be made explicitly clear (along with a
statement to the effect "bear in mind that whatever you say will be
archived and available to everyone, including your friends, lovers and
employers, in perpetuity".

The phrase "or else"  in the above quote suggests that the list owners
have permission to allow other individual's posts to be republished,
They surely do not.

Finally, I'm strongly against the instruction to "avoid blasphemy" - one
person's truth /is/ another person's blasphemy. Far better I would say,
to suggest that people avoid referring to matters of religion at all.

Oh, and the text:


appears near the end of the page.
Andy Mabbett
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