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Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 06:45:52 PST 2006

On 12/29/06, Frances Berriman <fberriman at gmail.com> wrote:
> Just thinking off the top of my head - but do we have a document that
> outlines the best way to bug-fix a microformat implementation?  I
> realise it's "common sense" to many, but it doesn't hurt to have a
> document that can easily be found and linked to etc.  It may be
> valuable to have one that says exactly "check validation" as it's
> first step.

My 2 cents:

The things i prefer when folks are asking for help are:
1) a real URL, people tend to say "my XYZ isn't showing up, why not".
Well, a URL is great because then it is easy to test ALL the different
microformats detectors/extractors rather than inline snippits in an

2) please tell us what are you using to view/detect/extract the
microformat. Tails does things differently than X2V and i'm sure
Operator does things differently again. If we know what you are using
to view your page, then we can better determine if it is an issue with
the HTML or the application.

3) validation - this gets people ALOT. TIDY does it's best to clean
things up, but when it encounters things like 'block-level elements
inside inline elements' sometimes it just drops the block-level
element, and if that had class="vcard" then it is easy to see why you
get no output. So TIDY can sometimes be the problem, but this can be
avoided with valid pages.

Those are the big issues i see, it is all the basic information we
need to 'replicate' the problem. Just saying "help, what's wrong"
doesn't really tell us much.

Help us help you, by giving us enough information to diagnose the problem.


brian suda

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