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>> If you must post code snippets instead of URLs, please format them to
>> make them easy for humans to read. Thank you.
>The example code-snippet is not wrapped badly in the email I received

Here's how it appears to me:


Here's how it appears o n this list's canonical archive:


and here's a paste from the raw message text:


I need some help with my hCard. It is displaying the way that I want it on my webpage, but I am not picking up all of the information in my
parsing software. The address info is getting left out when I go to add the contact to my contact manager. I am using Operator as my parser.  I
pieced my hCard together from some examples I found online, so maybe I missed something. Any help would be great. Here is my code snippet:
<p class="last vcard">All text and images &copy;2006&nbsp;<img src="" alt="contact information available
as an hcard" style="padding: 0 2px;" />&nbsp;<a class="email fn" href="mailto:jim.spalla at">Jim Spalla</a><span style="display:
none"><br />



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