[uf-discuss] hCard's and Heraldic names/titles?

Charles Iliya Krempeaux supercanadian at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 00:37:40 PST 2006


I'm not completely sure how this would be marked up using an hCard.

In some parts of the world there exists a set of heraldic titles that
are kind of treated as names.  (Such as "Sayyid", "Agha", "Mirza",

For example, you might have...

Sayyid Joe Blow
Mirza John Doe
Jane Agha Doe

I was thinking that using the "title" might be appropriate.  But I'm
not sure.  The usage of these are kind of a mix between a name and a

Some people actually have these included as part of their legal name.
But some don't, and instead treat it like a title or honorific title
like "Dr" or "Sir".

Using the honorific-prefix class name might be possible for "Sayyid"
or "Mirza".  But it not possible for "Agha" (since it is NOT a
prefix).  Also, the honorific-suffix class name is possible for "Agha
either (since it is NOT a suffix).

Anyone know how to mark this up in an hCard?

See ya

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