[uf-discuss] A proposal for pursuing hListing

Rohit Khare khare at alumni.caltech.edu
Tue Feb 7 20:40:48 PST 2006

Hi folks --

After the SDForum microformats panel last month, I had a propitious  
conversation with Assaf Arkin and a few other folks about reviving  
discussion of a listings microformat. About two weeks ago, Craig  
Donato of Oodle encouraged me with an insight about the similarity to  

 > If hReview is about what you *think* of something, hListing is  
what you want to *do* with it: buy, sell, trade, ...

Based on that conversation, we admit we had a few rounds of private  
back-and-forth discussions about what such a spec might look like;  
and we used the upcoming SDForum Search SIG meeting on classified ad  
startups as a rallying point. I've just posted the resulting  
documents to the wiki at:


This is only a proposal, with lots of holes and unfinished issues to  
debate, but at least it's a proof of concept driven by some early  
code: a wizard for posting listings to one's blog, and (just perhaps)  
a rev of the Miffy bookmarklet for extracting and indexing them in  

If you'd like to see more innovation in this area, please don't  
hesitate to post to this list, contact any of us directly, or come by  
the session tomorrow night: (there's still space available -- I just  
signed up)


   Rohit Khare

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