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>The Microformats Wiki has several links[1,2] to presentations and
>example that use axis="" and header="" this allows you to connect
>"distant" data back to a VEVENT.

Thank you. Please see below for work in progress.

Aside: Can anyone suggest a tutorial, clear examples, or  other
resource, to improve my understanding of 'axis' and 'headers', please?

>As for dtend as an &nbsp;, you have to ask yourself that if actually an
>abbr of a date?

Perhaps not. What is the correct way to abbreviate the end date of a
one-day event? Did you perhaps not look at the table concerned:



I have attempted to mark up an event from one of my other pages [1],
using 'axis' and 'headers' So far, I have come up with this (valid)
mark-up [2]:


        <th scope="row" axis="date" id="dt20061129">
        <abbr class="dtstart" title="20061129T0800">Wednesday, 29
        November 2006</abbr>
        <abbr class="dtend" title="20061129T1800">&nbsp;</abbr>

        <td axis="speaker" id="sp20061129">Graham Bell</td>

        <td axis="subject" id="sb20061129">Siberian Dream</td>

        <td class="vevent" headers="dt20061129 sp20061129 sb20061129">
        <span class="summary">A talk about gulls in Russia.


but cannot see how to include hCalendars's "location" or "URL". In this
case, the URL should be that of the page on which the event appears, but
obviously I don't want a self-link on that page; the location is common
to all events on the page, but is not part of the table.

[1] http://www.westmidlandbirdclub.com/birmingham/indoor.htm

[2] simplified page at

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