[uf-discuss] hAtom permalink

David Janes -- BlogMatrix davidjanes at blogmatrix.com
Mon Feb 13 07:41:19 PST 2006

Benjamin Carlyle wrote:

> My feeling on this issue is that there is generally no requirement to
> allow multiple <a> elements to be marked rel="bookmark". Certainly
> multiple <a> elements with the same or different href values should be
> permitted, but marking more than one as the bookmark seems extraneous to
> me at this time. I think we would need specific examples to justify the
> permission for multiple bookmarks, especially if they are permitted to
> contain different href values for the same lang and type attributes.
> Those different href values must pertain to different contexts within
> the html document, and we currently have no reasonable means to
> determine which belongs to the hentry and which to the unknown context.
> I would prefer that hAtom 0.1 contain text similar to:
> "An entry must contain at most one element marked as the Entry Permalink
> for each media type and language"
> This requirement can be relaxed as a justification and a corresponding
> technique for disambiguation arises. This wording also allows bookmarks
> in different formats and languages, which I think would be normal to
> permit for any such link.

My issues:
- have we seen an entry with multiple different permalinks, depending on 
the language, anywhere in the wild?
- does this translate to Atom? I.e. are we just making stuff up because 
we might think it will be useful in the future?

Regards, etc...

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