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Angus McIntyre angus at pobox.com
Thu Feb 16 08:53:03 PST 2006

> First, I don't think having multiple hCard representations of the
> same person is the best way to organize the data.  I think it would
> make more sense to make the entire hResume an hCard, since it's all
> representing the same person.  This poses the problem of vCard not
> allowing multiple ORG and ROLE attributes, but I think this was a
> mistake in vCard ...

This seems strange to me. I have been following this discussion with half
an eye as I have some resumes I'd like to mark up once the format
stabilises, but I haven't immersed myself in the issues so I may have
missed some nuances. However, my naive assumption would be that a resume
would contain multiple 'entries' each one corresponding to a post held for
a given period (possibly overlapping with other periods on the same
resume), and that the post can include contact data - i.e. data of the
kind represented by hCard - relative to that post.

If this is correct, I can't see how the entire hResume could be a single
hCard. You'd just end up with a jumble of 'adr', 'org' and 'role'
attributes, and - unless there is some structuring element within 'hCard'
that could be used to group these attributes - no way to decide which goes
with which.

> My other thought is that I think the general hResume conceptual model
> for dates should be more like hAtom's.
> hAtom: feed contains entries with date attributes
> hResume: resume contains dates which contain contact information
> I think conceptually, the dates in hResume are attributes of the
> contact information, just as they are attributes of the entries in
> hAtom.  The contact information holds meaning without the dates, but
> the dates don't mean anything outside the context of the contact
> information.  If we intend to assert a date of relevance for hCards,
> I think that information should be contained *within* the hCard.

This makes sense to me, but I'm unsure what the implications would be of
choosing this approach as opposed to choosing one where the hCard is
'contained' within a dated element.


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