[uf-discuss] Re: Microformats for scientific papers

Ryan Cannon ryan at ryancannon.com
Sun Feb 19 12:54:57 PST 2006

I like your use of space-separated class names (e.g. citation  
reference book), but you do have a little bit of redundancy:

   - <abbr> implies an abbreviation, so class="journal-title-abbr"  
could just be "journal-title"
   - <li id="ref16"><a name="ref16"> is redundant and may be (not  
sure) illegal.

I also question the extensive use of IDs in general. Using ID fields  
is extremely limiting. How, for example, could one page contain  
multiple articles, or sections of an article, or only article  
metadata (such as an abstract list), if these fields require IDs?

It seems to me that the main part of getting a scholarly (not just  
scientific) article microformat would be hCite/citation microformat,  
and a metadata format (possibly related to Dublin Core??).

For the most part, we're already there. (X)HTML already has  
structures in place for cross references, quotations, tables,  
diagrams, illustrations, sections and section headings. Aside from  
citations and metadata, most of the problems I an see already solved.

Ryan Cannon

Interactive Developer
MSI Student, School of Information
University of Michigan

On 19 Feb 2006, at 3:00 PM, Alf Eaton wrote:

> Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 22:26:49 -0500
> From: Alf Eaton <lists at hubmed.org>
> Subject: [uf-discuss] Microformats for scientific papers
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> I haven't got round to making an official page on the wiki yet, but I
> wanted to let people know that I'm working on finding the best way to
> markup and present scientific articles in XHTML. The markup takes
> clues from DocBook and LaTeX, as well as the publishers' markup
> currently in use as shown in a survey I carried out a couple of weeks
> ago <http://hublog.hubmed.org/archives/001309.html>. I imagine this
> will share some elements with a book microformat, plus it uses a
> citation microformat and some parts of hCard (for representing
> authors and addresses).

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