[uf-discuss] implied "nickname" optimization proposal accepted andadded to hCard

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Wed Feb 22 14:43:25 PST 2006

"Tantek Ç elik" wrote...
> The implied "nickname" optimization proposal as documented on
> hcard-brainstorming, and +1'd by various folks with no objections, has 
> been
> accepted and added to hCard.


>From the wiki:
Implied "nickname" Optimization
Due to the prevalence of the use of nicknames/handles/usernames on the Web 
in actual content published on the Web (e.g. authors of reviews), hCard also 
has an implied "nickname" optimization to handle this.

Similar to the implied "n" optimization, if "FN" and "ORG" are not the same, 
and the value of the "FN" property is exactly one word, and there is no 
explicit "N" property, then:

  1.. The content of the "FN" is treated as a "nickname" property value.
  2.. Parsers should handle the missing "N" property by implying empty 
values for all the "N" sub-properties.
Note: the hCard may have additional explicit "nickname" property values in 
addition to the implied nickname.


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