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Eran limbo at actcom.co.il
Mon Feb 27 10:29:54 PST 2006

I've actually been thinking of a similar idea for a project I'm working on.
So far, I've only been interested in membership lists and content (later I
might add group meta data like closed/open, moderated etc.). Here's what I
have so far:
To show that content X belongs to a group, use rel-directory. The group is a
container just like any other so rel-directory seems like a perfect fit.
To show that person X is a member of this group use rel="member" (you can
also use "owner" or "moderator")
To show that you are a member of group X use rel="group"
The membership forrmat (I call it xhtml membership format - xmf) leaves
exact semantics of the relationships to the group. Some groups might be
closed - the links must be reciprocated, others might be open - a link from
a user's page is enough to indicate membership. The proper place for XMF
links is the group's main page and the user's XFN page (or a page with
rel="me" to those pages). Hopefully, by "linking" the to XFN network we also
gain access to users' profiles published in hCard so there's no need to
replicate that.



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So I was going to go ahead and create a discussion page for this topic on
the wiki, but I figured I'd hold off pending initial discussion.

So what I like about hCard is that I can create a social network of my
friends on one site, and once those services wisen up, can import all my
buddies at once via scraping the hcards off my friends listing pages. 

Now, I'd like to do the same thing for groups. So I need something like

In the wild, groups usually have members and occassionally pools of data --
like forum posts or photos. You can also have vlogging groups, gamer groups
and so on. So I'd break it down like this: 

--Group Name
  | Description
  | Tags
  +--+ Members
  |  |
  |  +-- Member 1 (hcard)
  |  |
  |  +-- Member 2 (hcard)
  +--+ Pool
     +--+ Topic
        +-- Post 1 (hatom)
        +-- Post 2 (hatom)

Anyway, what I want to be able to do is not only interchange my social
networks, but also my groups. If I've created a Flock group on Flock,
presumably I should have one created on Upcoming, iMeem and so on. Being
able to export these groups and share them between sites would be excellent.

I dunno, what do people think? It's just like, the more social apps I try,
the less interest I have in reinstantiating my entire social networking


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