[uf-discuss] hcard telephone numbers

Benjamin Carlyle benjamincarlyle at optusnet.com.au
Fri Jan 13 13:53:17 PST 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 16:54 -0800, Ryan King wrote:
> > <span class="tel"><span class="work">(07) 555 28286</span></span>
> <span class="work">...</span> is wrong.
> The above example should be:
> <span class="tel"><span class="type">work</span> (07) 555 28286</span>
> The type of telephone number is considered human-readable data and  
> should not, therefore, be hidden.

What is the defined scope of microformat "human readability"? Does it
include humans who don't speak english? I believe hCard type must be a
specific set of english terms. If I were a chinese speaker only, "work"
may not be human readable to me. Most (all?) other examples of human
readable content I have seen in microformats has been fairly freeform
text produced by humans for the consumption of humans, and presumably
could be in any appropriate language. This would be text produced by an
english-speaking human and as I understand things would not be

I suppose this would be the workaround:
<span class="tel"><abbr class="type" title="work">zh-work</abbr> (07)
555 28286</span>
That seems a little clumsy still. Chinese publishers may find
themselves pulling css tricks in order avoid users who mouse over the
term seeing something they don't understand.

Benjamin Carlyle <benjamincarlyle at optusnet.com.au>

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