[uf-discuss] Microformat for linking to XML source (to replace the Structured Blogging plugin's embedding method)

Phillip Pearson pp at myelin.co.nz
Wed Jan 18 15:14:21 PST 2006

Hi all,

The Structured Blogging plugins currently publish the XML source for 
structured posts inside a <script> block after the HTML for the post.  
I'm going to change this sometime soon so that we don't need to use 
<script> tags, which seem to cause trouble for a lot of people.

The plan is to move the XML off to a separate URL and link to it from 
the post.  This would stop the validators (W3C and feedvalidator) from 
complaining, while still letting us do stuff like:

- send structured posts over blogging APIs and through aggregators and 
reblogging tools without losing the connection to the source XML

- make the structured data available to search engines and GRDDL/RDF 
crawlers (as long as we drop a url in html/head/@profile).

I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts as to the nicest way of 
linking a post with its XML source.  My current thought is something 
along the lines of:

    <div class="structured_post" id="sb_post_42">
        (structured post goes here)
        <a href="/path/to/xml" rel="xml_source" title="XML source for 
this post">XML source</a>

Anyone know of any prior art?

For reference, what we're doing at the moment (with some elements & 
attributes stripped out) is:

<div id="sb_post_42">
    (structured post goes here)
<script langauge="x-subnode">
    <subnode alternate-for-id="sb_post_42">
       (xml source goes here)


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