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Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Mon Jan 30 12:06:52 PST 2006

Tim and Shawn,

It sounds like you definitely have a bunch of good experience and thoughts
about versioned documents.

Consider starting some pages on the wiki to keep track of this info/research
so we can see if it makes sense to develop it into a microformat.

E.g. start with:


And document a few actual URLs of versioned documents that you have found on
the Web, along with the implied schemas that each embodies (i.e. the subset
of what you wrote below that applies to each example).

Next, if you know of formats for versioned documents (perhaps like SSE?),
document them on a formats wiki page:


And finally, preferably drawing from the aggregate of the examples and
analysis above, start a brainstorming page:


wherein you list what you think the 80/20 of common characteristics of
versioned documents are (i.e. what you wrote below, but based on the
examples you documented on the *-examples page).

Looking forward to seeing what you find.



On 1/30/06 11:57 AM, "Tim Barker" <timbarker at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:

> Thanks for the idea Shawn - i think sse could be the answer but i ideally
> there would be a microformat available i could use (i guess i'm just lazy!).
> To clarify, if you think about Versioned-Documents, they will have a number
> of characteristics:
> version number: 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 etc.
> updated by: <person>
> update date: <date>
> status: draft, published, etc.
> First version URI: The URI to the first document version
> Previous version URI: The URI to the last document version
> Version URI: where the document is
> conceptually, the idea of a microformat to describe an individual document
> version is very cool
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> Tim Barker wrote:
>> Hi All - i'd appreciate your thought on how microformats can (or could) be
>> applied to solving the problem i'm trying to tackle:
>> A lot of corporations have internal document management systems which are
>> used to apply change and version control for (mainly) documents.
>> Ironically, a large company will have around 8 different internal document
>> managements, each focusing on a different type of document or process.
>> Seems to me that an RSS feed containg a microformat describing the document
>> meta-data, version infomation and enclosed file would be the ideal way to
>> distribute document meta-data and version information between different
>> systems. I'm thinking that it would work in a similar way to hCard, with
>> each document having its own meta data.
> Would SSE <http://msdn.microsoft.com/xml/rss/sse/> handle the
> versioning/sync issues?  You'd still probably want a uf to describe the
> document meta-data, 'course.
> Shawn
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