[uf-discuss] plays, skits & scripts

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 18:10:07 PST 2006

_Actually_... here's what I want... ready, get this?

So we had this idea at Mash Pit Dallas for improving remote
participation at events. One of the obvious things that we need is
better access to the IRC back channel(s). A further idea is syncing up
the IRC channel with video streams.

Anyway, I *don't* want a lame IRC client for the browser. In my
experience, they're slow, crash a lot and don't really do what you'd
expect -- and most mortals have no idea how to get a nic and yada
yada. So the idea we came up with is based on the Digg Spy
(http://digg.com/spy) with scrolling headlines... except, we'd be
pushing the backchannel via AJAX and making it look all pretty and
flowy. Want to join the conversation? Great, jump in using a dedicated

Anyway, the point of my bringing this up is to explore what CKS
brought up earlier: the need for a "chat" microformat.

With all kind of archived IRC logs on the web, you'd think we'd have a
rich resource to draw examples from -- and perhaps we do.

So what I think we can get out of the current discussion about plays
and whatnot is a mapping to the chat context, where there area
speakers and "lines". Given that, I think that using the DL approach
makes more sense than ever. You're not dealing with P's... you're
dealing with a speaker and they are defined by what they say -- eh eh,
how's that one for ya?


On 1/31/06, Chris Messina <chris.messina at gmail.com> wrote:
> Taking a look at one of the examples, I wonder if you could use traditional mFs?
>   <SPEAKER>Soothsayer</SPEAKER>
>   <LINE>You shall be yet far fairer than you are.</LINE>
> to begin, could be translated into XOXO with a little cite/q:
> <dl class="speech">
>   <dt class="speaker"><cite>Soothsayer</cite></dt>
>   <dd class="lines"><q>You shall be yet far fairer than you are.</q></dd>
> </dl>
> Then again, I just took a glance, so maybe this is the proposal that's
> been offered... anyway

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