[uf-discuss] Developing a strategy for deployment of microformats

Phil Wilson microformats at philwilson.org
Mon Jul 3 08:15:38 PDT 2006


> In addition Phil Wilson (who is based here at Bath University) ran a
> workshop session on microformats -
> http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/web-focus/events/workshops/webmaster-2006/sessions/wi
> lson-1/

The correct URL is
- yes that's right - there's nothing I won't talk a load of rubbish

The abstract was a little hyperbolic ("Copy and paste has had its
day!"), but it got people to come ;)

> There is also a need to define what hCard tools should do if they encounter
> multiple occurrences of hCards.  I understand that Brian Suda's Web-based
> XSLT service processes the first occurrence on a page, whereas Tails
> displays all occurrences in a sidebar.  Should the spec mandate what the
> software should do in such circumstances?

I would imagine that they should do whatever's pragmatic for their
mode of usage.



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