[uf-discuss] Developing a strategy for deployment of microformats

Jesse Rodgers jrrodgers at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 19:57:04 PDT 2006

Brian Kelly wrote:
> I'd like to tap into the enthusiasm which the event generated by developing
> a strategy for deployment of microformats within the sector.  My plans are
> three-fold:
>   1 Education: what are microformats; what are their limitations; etc.
>   2 Demonstrators: provide examples of uses of microformats; encourage
> others to engage in similar examples for themselves; look at ways in which
> third parties can exploit our microformats in ways which benefit the
> community.   3 Work with the wider micoformat community

Hi Brian,

As part of a slow to start effort I have been trying to get a
conversation going with the University Web Developers list
(http://www.usask.ca/web_project/uwebd/index.html), which has a large
amount of representation across North America, looking at particular
formats for education. What I would also like to explore is if there
are any changes might be needed to current formats to meet higher
educations needs. I have been doing this as part of the WaSP Education
task force:


But I have not had the time to put into it until recently. A couple
days ago I started collecting my own thoughts and invited others on
the WaSP and uwebd list to contribute on a wiki here:


I am interested in achieving the same goals as yourself and perhaps
there is a better way to achieve them than what I have started to do.
Ideally a space in the MF wiki for higher education would be a great
start. It wouldn't be something for a specific MF but instead a place
to explore the application of MF in higher education and hopefully
identify the key areas MF fall short which we would then end up with
some suggested changes... maybe even a new MF or two.

Any ideas from the community would be welcome...


Jesse Rodgers
Manager, Web Communications
University of Waterloo

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