[uf-discuss] Mapping fields between Apple Address Book and hCard

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Sat Jul 8 16:29:33 PDT 2006

Colin, this sounds both very cool and very useful.

One thing that *might* make this easier is if you attempt this mapping using
vCard as the intermediary.  I.e.

Mapping fields between Apple Address Book and vCard
 AKA File -> Export vCard...

Mapping fields between vCard and hCard
 that's the hCard spec! :)

Try that first (because it should be easier / require fewer "creative"
decisions), and then if that's insufficient we should document why, as it
may reveal suggestions for improving Apple's Address Book to vCard export.



On 7/8/06 3:26 PM, "Colin D. Devroe" <cdevroe at theubergeeks.net> wrote:

> For a small personal project I'm putting together, I'm going to
> attempt to export my entire Address Book (from Apple's Address Book),
> or just a selected Group within Address Book, to an XHTML file with
> valid hCard formatted contacts.  I figured since most people are
> attempting to get hCard's to be imported into the applications we all
> use daily, I thought maybe it'd be cool to do the opposite. Yipee,
> fun, fun.
> My first task was to map the fields between Apple's Address Book and
> the hCard spec.  I would appreciate if someone could make sure I
> didn't make any glaringly wrong assumptions.
> Please note: When going over this mapping table, I realize I am
> reusing the class names to denote the sub-classes.  This is
> intentional, as I am trying to show that if only one of the
> subordinates is present, the master class is needed.  Maybe this
> isn't the best way to show that, but I thought it worked for me.
> Thanks in advance.
> Apple Address Book        hCard spec
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> First Name                given-name
> Middle Name            additional-name
> Last Name                family-name
> Nickname                nickname
> Home e-mail                email home
> Work e-mail                email work
> Other e-mail                email
> Home Phone            tel home
> Work Phone                tel work
> Mobile Phone            tel cell
> Other Phone                tel
> Pager Phone            tel pager
> Work Fax                tel work fax
> Home Fax                tel home fax
> Home Page                url
> Company                org
> Department                orginization-unit
> Job Title                    role
> Work Street                adr work street-address
> Work City                adr work region
> Work Province            adr work locality
> Work ZIP                adr work postal-code
> Work Country            adr work country-name
> Home Street                adr home street-address
> Home City                adr home region
> Home Province            adr home locality
> Home ZIP                adr home postal-code
> Home Country            adr home country-name
> Birthday                    bday (iso date)
> Note                    note
> If you have any suggestions, know of anyone that is already doing
> this (I search microformats.org and Google and haven't found it yet),
> please let me have them.
> Colin D. Devroe
> # http://cdevroe.com/
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