[uf-discuss] Re: Mapping fields between Apple Address Book and hCard

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 15:51:24 PDT 2006

Hey Colin,

I started working on this awhile back and have a few running solutions
that don't fully map out every field, as you're attempting. We
shouldn't lose data, so it does seem like your initiative is useful in
that regard.

When I'm back on my laptop, I'll post all the stuff I've gathered and
begun working on.


On 7/8/06, Colin D. Devroe <cdevroe at theubergeeks.net> wrote:
> For a small personal project I'm putting together, I'm going to
> attempt to export my entire Address Book (from Apple's Address Book),
> or just a selected Group within Address Book, to an XHTML file with
> valid hCard formatted contacts.  I figured since most people are
> attempting to get hCard's to be imported into the applications we all
> use daily, I thought maybe it'd be cool to do the opposite. Yipee,
> fun, fun.
> My first task was to map the fields between Apple's Address Book and
> the hCard spec.  I would appreciate if someone could make sure I
> didn't make any glaringly wrong assumptions.
> Please note: When going over this mapping table, I realize I am
> reusing the class names to denote the sub-classes.  This is
> intentional, as I am trying to show that if only one of the
> subordinates is present, the master class is needed.  Maybe this
> isn't the best way to show that, but I thought it worked for me.
> Thanks in advance.
> Apple Address Book		hCard spec
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> First Name				given-name
> Middle Name			additional-name
> Last Name				family-name
> Nickname				nickname			
> Home e-mail				email home
> Work e-mail				email work
> Other e-mail				email
> Home Phone			tel home
> Work Phone				tel work
> Mobile Phone			tel cell
> Other Phone				tel
> Pager Phone			tel pager
> Work Fax				tel work fax
> Home Fax				tel home fax
> Home Page				url
> Company				org
> Department				orginization-unit
> Job Title					role
> Work Street				adr work street-address
> Work City				adr work region
> Work Province			adr work locality
> Work ZIP				adr work postal-code
> Work Country			adr work country-name	
> Home Street				adr home street-address
> Home City				adr home region
> Home Province			adr home locality
> Home ZIP				adr home postal-code
> Home Country			adr home country-name	
> Birthday					bday (iso date)
> Note					note
> If you have any suggestions, know of anyone that is already doing
> this (I search microformats.org and Google and haven't found it yet),
> please let me have them.
> Colin D. Devroe
> # http://cdevroe.com/
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