[uf-discuss] IRC Meetups?

Frances Berriman frances.berriman at v-2.uk.com
Mon Jul 10 01:22:20 PDT 2006

You know my boss, Drew (Paul Cripps!).  I'll see you there (my MF shirt
hasn't arrived yet :( although a kind friend from the States is sending
me one).

And yes, that would be really good.  It'd be nice to chat about
microformats, and other such geekery, with people who won't yawn!


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On 10 Jul 2006, at 08:53, Frances Berriman wrote:

> This is OT, vaguely, but are any Microformateers attending the WSG
> meetup on Friday (London)?  You know.. tactile, real life. ;)

Hi Frances - I'll be there. If I remember, I'll wear my microformats  
shirt, so come and say hi.
It'd be nice to meet up with you.

I keep bumping in to other microformateers that I didn't realise were  
here in the UK. I think at some point we should organise a  
microformats dinner / pub meet.


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