[uf-discuss] testing hreview creator

Conor O'Neill conor at argolon.com
Sat Jul 15 16:51:07 PDT 2006

Ryan King wrote:
> On Jul 15, 2006, at 4:03 AM, Conor O'Neill wrote:
>> Ryan King wrote:
>>> I've made some updates to the hReview creator and would like some 
>>> testing before I push it to microformats.org. If you're going to be 
>>> writing an hReview soon, could you please use 
>>> http://theryanking.com/temp/build/hreview/creator.html ?
>> Hi Ryan,
>> Looks good. Can you maybe make it less US-centric and use 
>> state/region, zip/postcode and add a country field?
> Yes, I can.
Cool, thanks.
>> For my own benefit, am I reading the spec right on the rating field? 
>> Is single decimal point precision now allowed (1.4, 4.2 etc)?
> In the spec, yes. In this particular application? no. I just want to 
> keep it simple.
Absolutely, I just wasn't sure since all the live examples I've seen use 


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