[uf-discuss] Is the world ready for head[profile]?

Ryan Cannon ryan at ryancannon.com
Sun Jul 16 20:38:50 PDT 2006


I recently redesigned my site and had some wild ideas about defining  
the loosely-collect @rel values I have on my site (pgpkey, icon,  
pingback, editURI, etc.) as well as assorted Microformat values for  
@rel that do not have formal XMDP set up already. The long-term goal  
is to create a Firefox Extension/Greasemonkey Script/Bookmarklet that  
displays meaningful information for them. My question is twofold:

Why are most microformat profiles written in encoded html[1][2]? Is  
this to show that they are only drafts?

Is it beneficial to create my xhtml metadata profiles and publish  
them without submitting them to a standards body? Is their harm in  
publishing xhtml metadata profiles willy-nilly?

Ryan Cannon

Interactive Developer
MSI Student, School of Information
University of Michigan

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