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Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Jul 19 15:27:04 PDT 2006

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Chris Casciano <chris at placenamehere.com> writes
>[1] how would one proposed to mark up the string "6 to 20 shillings
>per week" so that both values could be addressed with the appropriate
>measurement unit?

Something like:

        <currency type="GBP" unit="shilling" date="1860">6</shilling> to
        <currency type="GBP" unit="shilling" date="1860">20</shilling>

the actual word "shillings" need not be marked up.

>[2] Other then providing hooks for exchange rate processing does the
>markup provide any other benefit? Either as hooks for other  processes,
>styling,  or for allowing "data" to be extracted and or  used by an
>outside process?

As I've already pointed out; amounts could be styled with currency
symbols in the same way that "Q" tags are styled with quote marks (or in
the above example, suppressed by using, say, class="nosymbol"); and the
date attribute would allow for modern-day equivalence to be calculated.
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