[uf-discuss] testing results - was hcard question

Ted Drake tdrake at yahoo-inc.com
Fri Jul 21 08:37:37 PDT 2006

Hi Drew

I'm assuming the microformat scrapers look at the code and not the visual
design. I've been adding extra information in sections that use display:none
for microformat purposes and adding the appropriate classes to the content
that is already in the visual design. On this level, the a include shouldn't
be a problem if it is using display:none. The screenreader will ignore the

However, you are correct in that a screenreader will announce that a link is
present. I'll check on our end as well.


Ted Drake
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On 20 Jul 2006, at 19:37, Ted Drake wrote:

> I'm trying the latest version of the include pattern and I'm still not
> seeing the product title appear in the reviews.  This is near the  
> top of the
> page:
> <h2 id="prodname" class="item fn">Apple iPod nano 2GB Black MP3  
> Player</h2>
> And this is in the midst of each review:
> <a href="#prodname" class="include microformatdetail"></a>
> The CSS is display:none for .microformatdetail
> Has this pattern been made official? Is it just that tails is not
> recognizing it?

The a.include pattern is very new, and not quite official yet. There  
are a couple of preliminary implementations around, but I'd be  
surprised to find it in Tails at this point.

There were some concerns raised about the screen-reader friendliness  
of using an empty link element with an href. My attempts to  
investigate this have fallen flat a little, as my guy with the screen- 
readers is short on bandwidth. If anyone has access to screen- 
readers, we're interested in how the various links on the below pages  




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