[uf-discuss] geo and named locations

John Allsopp john at westciv.com
Sun Jul 23 22:40:19 PDT 2006


>> "hCard is a simple, open, distributed format for people, places,
>> companies, and other organizations. Although its origins lie in
>> vCard, from which it takes its name, practical use has demonstrated
>> that a more general format may be required for encoding information
>> about places, people or organizations which is not specifically
>> contact information."
>> (just taking a first stab at that)
> An *excellent* first stab.  I like it.  Let me take a crack at  
> editing a bit
> and and see if I can update the intro in the spec.

Thanks very much

> Your perspective on this has been very valuable, as working with  
> hCard as it
> has grown bit by bit has made it easy to not notice how much the  
> scope has
> evolved.
> Thanks for pointing out this discrepancy John, and providing a  
> solution.

Never a problem.

It actually makes me wonder whether a  element geo will ever exist by  
itself, unattached from an hCard? Indeed, the same might go for adrs.

This issue has come up in putting together presentations and so on on  
ufs. I am trying to build a progression from rel and rev ufs to adr  
and geo, then hCard and so on introducing ideas and concepts along  
the way.

The problem is, finding use cases for say geo and adr unassociated  
with an hCard.

anyone got any suggestions?



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