[uf-discuss] rel-tag: Sorry, I'm confused as to what it means

Alf Eaton lists at hubmed.org
Mon Jul 24 05:46:39 PDT 2006

On 12 Jul 2006, at 09:17, Ciaran McNulty wrote:

> On 7/11/06, Lee Amosslee <lee at shopinberkeley.com> wrote:
>> So, if I apply rel-tag, am I saying that this is an important link?
>> Am I missing something?
> A little, I saw a couple of earlier replies but thought there were
> some bits I could clarify.
> With markup like:
> <p>Tags:   <a rel="tag" href="http://technorati.com/tag/foo">bar</ 
> a></p>
> You are not, as I think you've assumed, tagging the linked URL with
> the tag 'bar'.  What you're actually doing is tagging the current page
> with the tag 'foo'.

To clarify that even more, you're tagging the current page with  
[http://technorati.com/tag]'s definition of the word 'foo'. You could  
use <a rel="tag" href="http://your.server.org/tag/foo"> and mean  
something completely different.


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