[uf-discuss] Easy book citations

Simon Cozens simon at simon-cozens.org
Sun Jul 30 10:29:10 PDT 2006

Bruce D'Arcus:
> >BibTeX - but that is because "author", "title" and "book" are pretty 
> >obvious names for the things they describe. :)
> [ Something about a problem ]
> OTOH, if you just have a single title structure and allow it to
> include an additional class attribute to qualify it (like "container"
> or "publication"), problem solved.

I do, yes. There wasn't a problem to be solved. :) My format looks like

    <div class="book">
        <span class="title"> Foo </span>

BibTeX has

        title = { Foo }

Looks rather similar. But I didn't design it that way consciously because of
BibTeX - I designed it that way because it seemed to be the simplest and most
obvious way of doing it. Perhaps the authors of BibTeX thought so too. :)

In related wibbling, I can see an opening for the four lusers of the
Apocalypse... "I didn't change anything", "My e-mail doesn't work",
"I can't print" and "Is the network broken?".
	- Paul Mc Auley

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