[uf-discuss] Re: DOM scripting as an alternative toinclude-pattern?

Steve Robillard s.robillard at snet.net
Sat Jun 3 20:15:02 PDT 2006


I have the same problem for many places in which I use microformats (board
of directors listings etc.) I have used the include pattern and generated
the data from a db then hid the company name type data with css.


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My hunch is that if js/dom isn't supported or generates an error then the
parser should ignore this DOM manipultation step and move on to the
XHTML-to-TargetFormat transformation.  

A well-formed piece of content should remain well-formed regardless of
whether any additions are successful.  We also shouldn't advocate marking up
content as microformatted which doesn't contain necessary fields (like
dtstart for  hcal).  The inclusion of content outside the top-level tags
should be an enhancement and an elaboration of already appropriately marked
up data.

One of my frustrations with hcal/hcard markup is that on many of my pages,
other parts of the page lend context to the content which is lost when that
content is extracted and republished in a different context.  For example,
on an "about us" page, the company name doesn't need to be placed next to
every employee's title since it's a company page, but that's exactly what I
want when the person's address is extracted and added to somebody's address
book.  A minimal vCard is better than nothing, but a more complete one would
be preferable.


--- Steve Robillard <s.robillard at snet.net> wrote:

> Michael,
> >From a purely accessible stand point what happens to the
> redundant data and
> the understandability/utility of the complete data when JavaScript is 
> disabled, and does not included the redundant data?
> Thanks,
> Steve
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