[uf-discuss] PicoFormats

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 22:58:56 PDT 2006

Well, you knew it had to happen, but we're getting smaller. After
discussing this idea with Tantek and receiving his blessing, I would
like to begin pursiing Picoformats in the context of the microformats
wiki, as we will be exploring many of the same issues, praxis and
problems that we have been grappling with here on this list -- but at
a smaller and more atomic level.

The goal of this effort is to establish some basic patterns of syntax
for mobile devices interacting with SMS-based services.

We will be documenting current behavior and following the well-worn
paths that the microformats community has set as baseline process for
developing such open standards.

In any case, the opening intro page is here:

I'm curious to hear thoughts on how to organize this kind of
content... At first I was thinking to organize it by task type... like
"Communicating with people" or "Interacting with services" but then I
thought that maybe the existing microformats types might be useful...
like "Create an event" (hcal) or "Send a message to a person" (hcard).
But I dunno. I mean, this is kind of like building a command-line
interface but for regular people who aren't familiar with ls, cd,
chmod and so on.

Anyway, wanted to put it out there before I leave for France and see
if anyone had thoughts or suggestions.



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