[uf-discuss] hResume and object-based include

Angus McIntyre angus at pobox.com
Sun Jun 11 10:47:29 PDT 2006

As part of the overhaul of my site, I marked up my resume as hResume. 
You can see the result at:


As recommended, and as demonstrated by the examples in the wiki, I 
used <object> with 'class=include' in each vcard entry used for a job 
title to 'point back' to my name (an <h1> with id 'name') at the top 
of the page.

Like everyone else who uses this - as far as I can see - I was forced to add:

	object.include { display: none; width: 0; height: 0; }

to my CSS to prevent something very ugly happening on the page. 
Without this, Safari shows a small scrollable area that appears to 
contain the entire text of the page (rather than just the <h1> 
element with id 'name') each time <object> appears; browsing the page 
in Firefox with stylesheets turned off shows a large blank space 
where the <object> would be. Even with the CSS fix in place, page 
loading seems curiously 'flickery' on this page.

My questions are (a) have I done this wrong, and (b) should I be 
alarmed by the apparent odd behavior of the browsers in this case? 
Safari's activity window shows the presence of fourteen instances of:


although thankfully it doesn't recurse further. What I don't know is 
whether this is causing Safari to use excess memory, and whether 
other browsers would be similar affected.

The other alternative, presumably, would be to replace the <object> 
elements by a repetition of my name which, while redundant, might 
make life easier for browsers rendering the page. Would this trip up 
any hResume parsers, or is it legitimate?

Or is it permissible to leave out the repetition of my name in the 
job title vcards entirely? I seem to recall from past discussion that 
this is not allowed, but it's one of those cases where my 
understanding, like Hamlet's, tends to come and go with the direction 
of the wind.

Finally, one other point: would it make sense to consider allowing 
something other than <address> + vcard (i.e. <div> + vcard + contact) 
for the contact information on a resume. <address> is quite 
constraining for markup purposes: you can't put an <h1> or a <div> 
inside an <address>, for instance, which means that you're pretty 
much limited to <span>. You then have the choice of either using CSS 
to make your various <span> elements block rather than inline, or 
larding your markup with <br />. Neither solution really appeals.


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