[uf-discuss] hCalendar and attendees

Faruk Ates farukates at mac.com
Sun Jun 11 08:32:28 PDT 2006

> If you want to discuss HOW to actually encode attendee i sugest having
> a look at the RFC and we can move forward from there.

I'm not too great with RFC's, but from what I can collect from it I  
understand that in the iCalendar spec an attendee needs to reference  
a person by their calendar address, which seems (from all the  
examples) to be their e-mail address. Correct?

If that's the case, it's not very convenient for hCalendar (imo)  
because I for one will definitely not want my e-mail address in the  
source as attendee-identifier, nor would I put anyone else's in my  
own source.

Since I'm not familiar at all with the technical nature of apps like  
iCal and their limitations/requirements I don't know if this is  
possible at all, but what I would _like_ to see in hCal is the  
ability to just do this:

<span class="organizer">Faruk Ateş</span>
<span class="attendee">Brian Suda</span>

..and have both "organizer" and "attendee" (or multiples thereof —  
there can be multiple organizers too, after all) just show up as a  
list of names in the Attendees section.

I know that in iCal I _can_ add names of people that aren't in my  
Address Book as attendees. It'll just list them as editable entities,  
so I would reckon that my wish for hCal is technically possible (if  
it can go into the app from manual input, why not from a different  
source, right?).

As for the hCard side, I would say that compounding them is most  

<span class="vcard organizer">Faruk Ateş</span>
<span class="vcard attendee">Brian Suda</span>

You can always throw an anchor within the span with class="url fn"  
for completeness, neh?

(again, if any– or everything I say is obvious and redundant, keep  
in mind that I'm only just getting into microformats for real and am  
not an RFC-kinda guy =))


Web Kaizen Specialist

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