[uf-discuss] hResume and object-based include

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Sun Jun 11 21:19:33 PDT 2006

On 6/11/06 6:11 PM, "Steve Ganz" <steve at ganz.name> wrote:

> I think we all agree that using the <address> element is certainly the most
> semantically appropriate element to use when marking up a document author's
> contact information.
> The question is whether or not using <address> as the parent element for the
> author's hCard is a SHOULD or a MUST in hResume. As Angus mentions, it poses
> a problem because the <address> element is an inline element and thus only
> accepts inline elements as children.

IMHO a SHOULD, because sometimes using <address> can be a pain due to
HTML4's annoying (and useless as far as I've ever known) block/inline
embedding rules.

> In the hResume draft, it is written:
> Schema:
> * contact info. required. <address> + hCard.

How about:

* contact info. required.  MUST use hCard.  SHOULD use <address> + hCard.


> Field Details:
> * contact:: Current contact info. The <address> with hCard.

How about:

* contact:: Current contact info in an hCard. SHOULD use <address> if


> Does the above mean an hResume author MUST use the <address> element to mark
> up the authors hCard?

It's not clear, nor was that intended by the authors, thus we should clarify

> In my hResume (http://steve.ganz.name/hresume/), I've chosen to mark up only
> the "adr" portion of my hCard with the <address> element. It is most
> important for me to use the <h1> element to mark up my "fn" and "n", so I've
> placed that outside of the <address> element and am using a <div> for the
> parent hCard. So while this is valid XHTML, is it valid hResume?

Right, exactly what we need to define.  Thanks for bringing it up!


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