[uf-discuss] Slashdot reference

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Sun Jun 11 23:04:20 PDT 2006

Just a heads up, there was a recent posting on Slashdot that mentioned 

"The media never fails to point out how the age of Web Two-Point-Oh has 
helped to drive the adoption of Ajax into the Internet industry, but 
rarely does anyone point out that it has also help popularize 
CSS-centric design practices -- the Slashdot redesign being only one 
example. But now that we, as programmers, feel comfortable ditching the 
use of font tags, finally grok div's, understand absolute vs relative 
positioning, and can work around all of IE's CSS bugs, what is the next 
step for HTML and CSS? Several standards or conventions seem to be 
coming to forefront: one is building standards around the  HTML 
structure  itself so that wildly different designs can be achieved via 
style-sheets alone (e.g. CSS Zen Garden and The Style Contest), the 
other being the standardization of CSS classes (e.g. micro-formats) so 
that semantic meaning can be derived from the class name we use to label 
our content. Both show an interesting potential for how this technology 
is evolving. So here is the question for all the visionaries out there: 
where is this taking us? What's next for HTML? What's next for CSS?"


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