[uf-discuss] all day events

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Mon Jun 12 23:34:57 PDT 2006

> Thanks for informing me of the eventual decision - it is appreciated.
> I'm glad you've gone for the shortened version too.

what was the decision? ... missed it....

I would prefer to use "floating dates" if I can for now because it seems
that timezone support between different calendar clients in use out there is
not consistant .... and the lack of reliably up-to-date timezone data for
conversions also leads to problems on the server side.
I don't like the idea of people seeing incorrect dates due to timezone

It seems that Mozilla Sunbird just ignores the timezone but Apple's iCal
apparently does use it
(I need to get access to a mac with ical on it to test though)

Presently a large proportion of apps using hCalendar are presently
convertimg to/from iCal so I think I need to take into account the fact that
calendar apps may have varying degrees of timezone support.

Given that most events listed on spraci are local events where the timezone
is assumed to be that of the city/area you are looking at I think until I
can say with any certainty that all different clients will handle timezones
the same way I think floating times are probably the most likely to show at
least the correct date in the client. (even if it means they will all be
displayed as "all day events" I want to be absolutely certain that at least
the date is correct!)

Of course I still need to add proper timezone support for parsing incoming
feeds though.

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