[uf-discuss] FACE and microformats?

Faruk Ates farukates at mac.com
Tue Jun 13 03:57:17 PDT 2006

Hello everyone,

First, I'm assuming here that you all know FACE: http://kurafire.net/ 
projects/face  — if not, please check that out so you know what I'm  
babbling about below.

Now, I've been thinking about the next release version for a long  
while and one of the things I want to improve is the current  
implementation of id and class attributes, used to trigger and  
configure FACE, respectively.

The Microformats approach of using the title attribute for certain  
data intrigued me. Since FACE runs through a series of classes for an  
animation, the class attribute with the configuration for FACE is  
overwritten if the animation is set to run on that element (instead  
of its children elements, which is the other option).

My question to you fine people is: are there any good reasons why I  
shouldn't change this around so that the configuration is put on the  
title attribute instead?

The only disadvantage I see is that without clearing the title  
attribute after fetching the data from it would leave the tooltip  
with totally un-tooltip-like data (it would be something like  
title="C:foobar:40:MO:50:50"  for instance).

Other than that, it seems like a fine solution to me _and_ (slightly  
more) in the spirit of Microformats.

Your thoughts please! :-)


Web Kaizen Specialist

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