[uf-discuss] FACE and microformats?

Drew McLellan lists at allinthehead.com
Tue Jun 13 05:39:03 PDT 2006

On 13 Jun 2006, at 13:02, Stephen Paul Weber wrote:

>>> My question to you fine people is: are there any good reasons why I
>>> shouldn't change this around so that the configuration is put on
>>> the title attribute instead?
>>> The only disadvantage I see is that without clearing the title
>>> attribute after fetching the data from it would leave the tooltip
>>> with totally un-tooltip-like data (it would be something like
>>> title="C:foobar:40:MO:50:50"  for instance).
>> My reservation with this is that it precludes valid use of the title
>> attribute. Plus, in no way is your data block a title.
> The TITLE attribute is more for descriptions than titles anyway...  
> although I would agree it is to some extent a misuse of said  
> attribute, would not using CLASS be more so?

I would say it's a misuse of title, and has the added evils of:

a) not allowing the title to be used for the forces of good, and,
b) risking that a hideous block of metadata gets exposed to the user.

It's also a misuse of the class attribute, but for the reasons  
stated, it's a less costly misuse.
The entire concept is dubious, though, as it's grabbing bits of the  
behaviour layer and embedding it in the markup where it doesn't belong.

But, this is all rather OT for microformats, and I can feel Tantek  
looming, about to pounce. We should curtail this thread.


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