[uf-discuss] Spam and Microformats Search

brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 10:02:26 PDT 2006

Drew McLellan wrote:
> This is something I've considered before, but have shied away from and
> opted not to include an email address at all.
> Is 'joe at my domain dot com' a valid entry for email in an hCard? I'd
> say not...
It looks like EMAIL is represented by "A single text value.", so an
obfuscated email address is technically valid, but certainly not what a
user expects. I suppose this is a throw-back to when there were multiple
TYPES of email addresses, and the standard (mailbox)@domain.tld was not
as ubiquitous as it is now. So the RFC was covering their bases and not
specifying a specific type. iCalendar, on the other hand, does specify
that "The value is a URI as defined by [RFC 1738] or any other IANA
registered form for a URI."

I'm not sure how address book applications handled a non-mailto email
type address?

In the end, i would agree, if you are worried about spam, you shouldn't
publish it in the first place (same goes for phone numbers and
addresses)... i think we are abit naive to think that spammers haven't
figured out how to parse (mailbox) _at_ (domain) . (tld) so obfuscating
is a losing battle. It only hurts the people trying to get in contact
with you.


according to the RFC:
3.3.2 EMAIL Type Definition

   To: ietf-mime-directory at imc.org

   Subject: Registration of text/directory MIME type EMAIL

   Type name: EMAIL

   Type purpose: To specify the electronic mail address for
   communication with the object the vCard represents.

   Type encoding: 8bit

   Type value: A single text value.

   Type special notes: The type can include the type parameter "TYPE" to
   specify the format or preference of the electronic mail address. The
   TYPE parameter values can include: "internet" to indicate an Internet
   addressing type, "x400" to indicate a X.400 addressing type or "pref"
   to indicate a preferred-use email address when more than one is
   specified. Another IANA registered address type can also be
   specified. The default email type is "internet". A non-standard value
   can also be specified.

   Type example:

        EMAIL;TYPE=internet:jqpublic at xyz.dom1.com
        EMAIL;TYPE=internet:jdoe at isp.net
        EMAIL;TYPE=internet,pref:jane_doe at abc.com

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