[uf-discuss] Spam and Microformats Search

Patrick Crowley mokolabs at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 10:56:12 PDT 2006

> Isn't it already sitting out in the open for the search to have
> picked it up?  Publishing-side spam protection is generally a
> placebo.

To be clear, here's the hCard I'm talking about:

The email isn't sitting out in the open... it's entity-encoded to
begin with, so I can prevent *basic* spam harvesting.


So what I'd like to see is a minimum amount of protection... which I
think entities will provide.

If people are going to entrust their contact info to hCards, services
like Technorati should take *some* steps to prevent spam harvesting.

We're not gonna solve the spam problem, entities won't stop all
harvesters, a new email address will eventually get spammed, etc.

But let's try to do the right thing. :)


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