[uf-discuss] Spam and Microformats Search

Patrick Crowley mokolabs at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 13:25:59 PDT 2006

> This has nothing to do with hcards.  Your plain-text email address is
> already available via Google, which doesn't understand hcards at all:

Right, Scott.

I'm only talking about how my email is displayed in this search result:

It's obviously not an hCard... but I still think Technorati could do a
bit better here. They might also want to disable wildcard searches
with '@' (returns all hCards with emails):

And I think this brings up a broader point. How is the community going
to deal with spam harvesting as an issue? While "spam happens" is a
reasonable technical position, I don't think it's going to placate
ordinary people.


PS: This address is already lost to spam, btw... I only raise these
points out of interest in how hCard-enabled services should best deal
with spam prevention.

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