[uf-discuss] hKit parsing library for PHP5

Drew McLellan lists at allinthehead.com
Tue Jun 20 02:54:19 PDT 2006

On 20 Jun 2006, at 03:39, Scott Reynen wrote:

> On Jun 19, 2006, at 5:10 PM, Drew McLellan wrote:
>> I poked around looking at stuff that's already out there,  
>> including Microformats Base, but I couldn't find anything that  
>> fitted the model I was after - namely chuck in a string or URL,  
>> and get out an array structure of, say, hCards.
> I just noticed this on the wiki, and it seems very similar:
> http://www.oliverbrown.me.uk/2005/09/03/a-working-microformats- 
> extension-to-simplexml/
> Looks like you're both in the UK too.

Yes, I did see that, and I may well come back to the idea of writing  
specific implementations for each microformat (the API I'm exposing  
will cope with that without users needing to change their  
implementations). Perhaps I'm daft, but I wanted to see if a generic  
tool with plugins was possible, as it'll make maintenance easier.


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