[uf-discuss] hKit parsing library for PHP5

Drew McLellan lists at allinthehead.com
Tue Jun 20 10:04:20 PDT 2006

Quick update - version 0.2

* Integrating Tidy proxy changes suggested by Scott Reynen
* Callback mechanism for post-processing values
* Resolves URLs on images etc, with BASE and xml:base support
* Deals with mailto: links properly
* Options for choosing attributes depending on tag - e.g. for URL, us  
HREF on A, but SRC on IMG...

It passes tests 1-13 of the hcard test suite. It may well pass more,  
but I stopped at a fail on 14.

I'll not keep clogging up this list with updates, but I thought this  
one was worth it as I've fixed a large number of problems since the  
initial release last night.

Oh, and happy birthday microformats.org :)


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