[uf-discuss] Book Contents Format

Scott Reynen scott at randomchaos.com
Thu Jun 22 07:43:25 PDT 2006

On Jun 21, 2006, at 9:41 PM, Alex Ezell wrote:

> Honestly, I didn't think this mailing list would question the need for
> a microformat. Question its structure and its uses, of course, but
> question its necessity? It seems fundamental that a standard for
> presenting book-format texts should be written.

I didn't mean to imply an answer to the question I asked.  It was  
really just a question.  The about page [1] says microformats are  
"adapted to current behaviors and usage patterns," are not "defining  
the whole world, or even just boiling the ocean," and "solve a  
specific problem."  I think "is this needed?" is a question that  
should be asked of all potential microformats, to keep these  
statements true.  If the answer is yes, then great.  But it's not  
always yes.  Not everything needs a microformat.


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