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This is an excellent description of the larger problem (that goes far
beyond, and is perhaps independent of microformats).

I'd say this is worthy of an FAQ entry, as I can see this question being
raised again (I believe Karl himself raised it some time ago before).



On 5/1/06 11:24 AM, "Ryan King" <ryan at> wrote:

> On May 1, 2006, at 1:33 AM, Joe Andrieu wrote:
>> The current microformat model is certainly better than POX, but I
>> think it
>> still leaves something to be desired.
> Certainly. Its not perfect, but it works.
>> This approach still requires that
>> everyone uses the Microformats Approved(r) Anglo-biased namespace,
>> even if
>> they get to add their own term to the class.
> Worse, you have t use the English-based HTML, the English-based CSS,
> the English-based HTTP and so on.
> Internationalization in protocols and formats is a big problem. Much
> bigger than microformats. Maybe we'll be able to advance things in
> microformats, even if only a little.
> I'm curious­ has anyone here had experience with Internationalizing a
> data format or communication protocol?
>> To the extent we can enable other peoples and languages to "own"
>> Microformats and participate as first class citizens, I suggest it
>> would be
>> a Good Thing(tm).
> I agree. Anything to increase neutrality and accessibility is a Good
> Thing.
>> Couldn't we allow a mapping of any microformat into any
>> language?  This seems to be a simple solution for both humans and
>> computers.
> You know, I don't think its really that simple.
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