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Karl Dubost karl at
Mon May 1 15:27:28 PDT 2006

Le 06-05-02 à 03:24, Ryan King a écrit :
> Internationalization in protocols and formats is a big problem.  
> Much bigger than microformats. Maybe we'll be able to advance  
> things in microformats, even if only a little.
> I'm curious– has anyone here had experience with Internationalizing  
> a data format or communication protocol?

Indeed. The only very simple way I see to handle this is at authoring  
tool level. If we were making a pile on how XML markup languages are  
organized, there will be for layers, with the fundamental one at the  
bottom, what I would call the base.

	value of attributes

The only experience I have had so far with a "localized" language is  
AppleScript. I'll try to find a reference.

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